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Guest Artist

Tetsuro Koyano
Traditional Balinese Flutes. Koyano is a traditional Balinese Dancer based in Japan. He regularly conducts Balinese theatre workshops in Europe & many Asia pacific countries. Read more...

DJanuno Dabo
Udu, Bongos, Cabasa & Shakers. Djanuno is part of a group called TAMA. Tama consists of Malian vocalist Tom Diakite, percussionist Djanuno Dabo of Guinea Bissau and London-based producer/multi instrumentalist Sam Mills. The trio met when they were playing with the hypnotic Bengali performer Paban Das Baul, with whom Mills had collaborated previously on albums like Real Sugar.Read more...

Raju Das Baul
- Vocals

Lazare Reznik
- Organic and chemical violins .Lazare collaborated on the album when he was down in Chennai in 2002. A classical violinist and a programmer from Paris by proffesion his was the first contemporary input into the album.

Patrick Rozario - Accordian

Keith Peters - Bass

Lilliana Goldman ĘC Metal Flute & Mongolian Brass Flute.

R. Vikram ĘC Thavil


Nirmaly Dey or Hamptu is one the best Flautist in our Industry, he has trained extensively with his grandfather LT. Aloke Nath Dey who was a renowned Flautist and Music Director from the 1950s and 60s. Later he perfected his skills under the tutelage of Guru Pranab Mukherjee, Guru Deboprasad Banerji and now recently with Pandit Ajoy Chakravorty.

Dwight Pattison has been performing for the last 25 years; Origanally from Kolkata,he has plied his trade in Mumbai,Chennai and Bangalore performing with musicians and bands from diverse genres,from rock to jazz to fusion to his assoiation with Oikyotaan.